What are the errors in the cosmetics shop

said that although every entrepreneur wants to successfully open a shop, however, in the real operation process, often a mistake, it is possible to enter a misunderstanding, resulting in the operation of shops have been greatly affected. So, how to open a cosmetics shop? Not only is the owner of their own continuous thinking and exploration of the topic, but also attracted a lot of attention and attention of manufacturers. As a new group of channel evolution, cosmetic shops in the basic aspects of the operation there are deficiencies, especially business ideas, the most likely to go astray!

cosmetics store management of the 5 major errors".

error 1: product

can be said that the product is the beauty of the cosmetics store, but also the cosmetics store to achieve customer contact, the most important part of the realization of profit. I often like this analogy: cosmetics shop location is bad congenital bad, product ideas is the wrong day after tomorrow"! Visible, the importance of the product for the cosmetics store.

at present, the domestic cosmetics shop, in the presence of products "common mistakes" is not "product structure" concept, the standard model is not a successful choice of product collocation, a little more specific, there is no structure to deal with the relationship between "brand, terminal products and special offer products three and correct ratio, so the error prone operation as follows:

first, the blind pursuit of high profit, low discount products.

some ultra-low discount brands, most of them are some of the uneven quality of the manufacturers, although the profit margins, but in terms of quality and service are not very good protection.

however, many cosmetics shop owner do not consider these, in order to make quick money some bosses also specifically went to those who purchase 90 percent off ultra low price products, the results of such products to recommend to their customers, quality and other series of problems because of frequent outbreak, directly to the new and old customers continue to drain.

second, cosmetics store gold display position, display "high profit, low discount" brand-name products.

main feature is that these cosmetics store not only selected a large number of high profit and low discount "brand-name products, and put them on display in the best position. Able to win the mainstream consumer brand products are often dependent on the king, and some are also displayed in a bad position, and some even simply do not have a brand name. The customer into the store, as if into a "brand-name shop", in the course of time, although the short-term earned money, business is smaller, the customer is less and less! Now there are a lot of this shop owner, the result is how to lose to the competitors >

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