Entrepreneurial story Huangpi dagongmei to the beauty shop to do call CEO

"don’t ask what is good at most, but ask what the market needs, starting from the market where it is most needed, devote themselves to learning, never regret, even if you don’t have a dazzling aura, the ugly duckling can become a white swan!"

Business secrets

– this hero Li Fangyi


: business experience enlightenment boss "deserted"

1997, in order to raise tuition for two brothers, who lives in rural Wuhan, Huangpi Li Fangyi high school dropout, alone to work in Wuhan. In the village with a sister referral, to a private garment factory work. The boss called Guo Li, in Jianghan District have small reputation, can work less than a year, the factory has undergone changes in turn the world upside down once fame Guo Li, not only the bankruptcy of the company, but also around the levant. The disaster was the initiator of evil in the excitement, the boss blurted out "heroic utterance". On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2000, the factory staff please eat dinner. Guo total by wine strength, excitedly announced: sisters, we have a spring festival, I not only give you a bonus, but also let everyone have a good 38 Festival, free play to Zhangjiajie."

after the Spring Festival, the staff to work on time, work very hard, the heart of the "38" in the beautiful scenery of Zhangjiajie. "The 38 day" Festival approaching, the boss not only provided a bonus, not to mention the tourism. Originally, after the Spring Festival, Guo Li undertook an underwritten business, in order to make more money, privately planned to give employees a bonus money to buy raw materials.

"38 day", employees spontaneously don’t work in the dormitory, Li Fangyi a person went to the factory, Guo Li, a shop was empty, asked Li Fangyi what happened, Li Fangyi said: "Guo, the sisters said you lied to them, they don’t do, and when you are in the dorm bonus!" Guo Li anxious, she came to the staff quarters, found that all employees are in the quilt zhuangshui. Seeing this, Guo Li one opened a quilt, a stamp with rage, a boisterous staff suddenly sat up and a scuffle with Guo Li, another employee immediately took out mobile phone, dial 110, the negotiation part.

second days, see the staff also did not return to work, Guo Li angry, Fangchuhualai: "limit you to return to work within 3 days, more than 3 days light wages, take the lead in trouble can be fired!" the second day, there are two migrant Frence leave, to other garment factory, garment factory to see the skilled the workers immediately hailed them as a guest, the news, in addition to Li Fangyi, the other was exposed.

Guo Li this time she was dumbfounded, which recruit skilled workers ah, only to watch the breach of contract, two months later, Guo Li received the court and Labor Bureau indictment, a customer is seeking compensation for breach of contract, a labor bureau is required to pay staff salaries bonuses.

Li Fangyi witnessed all this, can not help but feel the emotion: an endless promise, but it can make a star enterprise bankruptcy overnight. And the crisis that could have been easily resolved

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