Open a women’s clothing store is the key to how to make money

women like to buy clothes, fashion personality of women’s clothing is deeply attracted the attention of female friends, open a women’s shop is very profitable. Opened a clothing store to attract female consumers, easy to make money. But want to open a good women’s stores, or can not be separated from the diversity of skills.

1, decoration for the opening rally

There is a way to save money is a

2, weekend for opening

opening time choice is very important, as far as possible to trap the most consumers caused a sensation effect. The general election in the opening weekend or holidays is the best, because of the time, people have a better shopping feeling, but also when the maximum flow of people; the consumer is a herd mentality, love lively, love many people. Some shopkeepers say well, do not do today how much performance, watching people more comfortable.

3, the atmosphere for the opening rally

opening must have opened the atmosphere, to let consumers know that you are in the new, can engage in some blue flowers, there must be at least eight, not too little, not the atmosphere; of course if conditions permit, can also have the arch. Create a business atmosphere is added into the store, and the music is also very important, but also must have the dynamic music, quietly stores make female consumers lack a sense of security, is not conducive to relax shopping.

4, promotion for opening up

VIP card promotion is not the same as the general discount sale, selling discount is a one-time, and give VIP card can increase the viscosity of consumers, prompting consumers to consume again.

5, commodities for opening up

these to open a dress.

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