t is said that these five categories of goods are now best sold

now have a lot of friends want to start a business, but business is not so simple, you have to understand what consumers need. Digital display, crystal, silver necklace, mobile phone, bedding, jeans and other people become the most searched words, these words show that people shopping from one aspect, also provides a guide for people to do business.

A, jewelry: "crystal", "Jade Pendant" hot.

two, home gift category: "Zippo" and "bedding".

three, mobile phone classification: "camera" and "color" and "chord" being favored.

four, apparel category: "jeans", "dot" and "fringe" continues to be popular.

denim is constant throughout the year, no matter at what occasion, as long as the proper collocation, jeans can show unique charm.

2004 popular low waist slim denim trousers, but also by the white-collar workers of all ages, every month can sell around 2500. The dot stripe pattern in 2003 continue to be popular network carry out to buy color, the dot stripe bag is the champion, because of its reasonable price, the average monthly sales of nearly 1000.

five, recommended

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