Zhengzhou wind blows the characteristics of the ancient dumpling business fire

if only to open a dumpling shop, this is nothing unusual, and now the streets can be seen all kinds of dumplings. However, in recent years, but in Zhengzhou has swept back to the ancient dumpling wind, not only to attract a lot of consumers, but also attracted the attention of many investors.

careful people will find that the streets of Zhengzhou, there have been a lot of "retro" dumplings Museum, but signs are getting bigger and bigger, the specification is getting higher and higher, dumplings more and more "old", but also family business booming. "Retro" dumpling is Zhanshanweiwang in Zhengzhou catering market potential.

what is the "retro" dumplings Museum? These dumplings not only the appearance of simple and elegant decoration, and all of them said they originated in a dumpling towards a generation, it is secret, and is the first of several generations of descendants, and is the form of chain stores, so called "retro" dumplings. For example, from Hebei to Tangshan to kill a dumpling originated in the Ming Dynasty Yongle fourteen years (AD 1416), to assess the price of the registered trademarks amounted to 12 million 80 thousand yuan, settled in Zhengzhou a few days, then customers door, linfe.

has more than and 100 years of history in Luoyang (founded in the Qing Dynasty) a dumplings fourth generation also relying on a "clear" east wind "to break", Zhengzhou, to compete with the pack. But the most flourishing is another dumpling (the dumpling originated in the Qing Dynasty), opened at the beginning, the customer actually had long queues waiting to eat a "spectacular" scene. In addition, five dumplings, dumplings, Lao Wang, more and more appear in the streets of Zhengzhou, and has a long history".

walked into these dumplings, open look for similar profiles, the hero, make dumplings in seasoning known as oil, salt, onion, ginger, mainly the "secret" is to add a dozen taste or aftertaste dozens of rare Chinese herbal medicine made of spices, can Qingrejiedu, brain appetizers, Qi Sheng Jin, nourishing yin and tonifying kidney, laxative, blood circulation, there are so many features, nature is sweet but not greasy, eat a hundred tire and economy.

look at the shape of these dumplings, there are some "alternative" feeling, such as color, in addition to white, as well as red, green, orange. Have a taste of dumplings, is not a genuine is higher or lower, because every dumplings are thin filling full, steamed or boiled or fried or fried, or celery stuffing or shrimp paste or stuffing, is a crab meat stuffing best. Most people will feel this way after tasting. However, with this feeling, the customer still crowds to the store to run.

why? Customers say, these "retro" dumplings dumplings for a change in the past the small restaurant impression, elegant environment, delicious dishes, cheap and affordable, store service and attentions, regardless of dinner guests or family reunion, not falling grades. It seems that these dumplings Museum is not the most impressive home

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