ntel joint public space set up in Chongqing

multi-creation space is a common business incubator platform, in recent years, all over the country to create a variety of business park, collection of all kinds of entrepreneurial resources, optimize the allocation of resources, maximize helping more entrepreneurial enterprises succeed.

"the space settled into a powerful energy for international science and technology business incubator." Other companies already in the early stages of the new neighbors are quite looking forward to.

in innovation and entrepreneurship, Chongqing high tech Zone has its unique advantages, from the Chongqing high tech Zone – Intel joint public record space and international science and technology business incubator is remarkable.

the park construction area of about 10000 square meters, consists of 4 buildings, including building 1, building 2, electronic positioning information, positioning intelligent manufacturing, building 4, building 3, localization of life science and technology, a customer service orientation, is the open innovation business incubator.

to create a better environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, combined with high tech Zone Science and technology financial group, Chongqing Venture Capital Association, Deheng think-tank, Sharon to create ants induced guest; with the international giants – Intel to create a joint public record space, work together to build the "333" incubation service system, namely a passenger – nursery 3 – "accelerated phase incubation management system (creating -3 Building 1 floor, building 2 layer -3 nursery, -1, 2, accelerate building No. 4) recommended

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