O2O wave is not the same as the beauty of home service

with the implementation of the O2O model in the U.S. industry, more and more people like the beauty home service. Perhaps, you think of door-to-door service, is nothing more than Manicure, makeup or care, or in fact, here to share with you to share the strange phenomenon of home beauty services.

why do you say that the beauty of the home service projects strange? The most important thing is that their service objects are not people. This is the modern service industry, the emergence of a different home beauty.


for pets

in the mobile Internet platform more and more developed today, more and more home service emerging, which has focused on the beauty of the pet service. Perhaps, sometimes, a lot of people are not easy to bring the pet to a special pet store to do cleaning or beauty, this time, a convenient way to appear.

special door-to-door service platform implementation, the mobile terminal or PC terminal on the Internet platform, settled a professional beautician, trainer and foster, users can enjoy online booking, door-to-door service. This one of the home service, including beauty, training, foster care, as well as pets, etc..

according to the survey, such a platform on-line less than a month, the number of orders on the ground up to 2000 orders, and the rate of up to about 70%.

on this platform, users can choose their own fancy beautician, browse their personal information and other users of the online evaluation. The most convenient place is to choose the location, time, and complete the final payment on the line, in order to take a bath for their pet dog to repair the hair, the mobile terminal directly on the OK!

for the car to do beauty

is a typical O2O mode, is not only reflected in the beauty salon services, on a maintenance service but also the application of car door. The same is to follow the "online booking, offline experience" mode of development, the way of appointment by WeChat, APP, PC terminal or telephone and so on, is not very complex, only need to provide the basic information for the individual’s own name and the vehicle can be.

once the appointment is successful, the maintenance technician will open a special car to on-site service, in the time of arrival and completion of the service project.

actually, these beauty salons and the practice of the model of O2O have a lot in common, why home beauty services increasingly recognized, because modern people love such a service experience, they care about this "one to one" service, their love is to enjoy such a "lazy" happy


in fact, the door to do beauty services, but through different consumer scenarios, to meet different consumer groups!

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