Peking University entrepreneurial training camp Dalian base set up

is now trying to help people everywhere in all the way to the goal of entrepreneurship in Dalian launched a business training camp activities, inviting college principals to come to class, as well as some successful people.

North entrepreneurial training camp Dalian training class is scheduled to commence in September 7th, invited the president of Peking University Lin Jianhua, well-known business alumni Yu Minhong Li Wei, Hou Jun, Zhu Hai, and Sun Taoran as mentors, held Davos Summer Youth Forum entrepreneurs summit.

as the public open entrepreneurship education and support platform, the Peking University entrepreneurship training camp starts over the past two years, the industry has invited more than 300 outstanding entrepreneurial mentors, through entrepreneurship training class, tutor one on one, investment funds and public incubators and other forms, deep into the service more than 2000 outstanding entrepreneurs. Through the north of the camp open class, open courses, live courses, salon salons and other forms of service more than one hundred thousand entrepreneurs, and the first won the Zhongguancun national innovation incubator, etc..

An entrepreneurial training camp to establish


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