How should the campus start

we often hear some of the success of college students on campus, which makes a lot of students still in the campus echocardiography. Many students in order to reduce the burden on their families, but also want to get their own exercise, have chosen to start in the campus. We often encounter a lot of problems in practice, only know how to start a business in order to avoid the occurrence of the problem.

1. choose entrepreneurial direction. Choose something that interests you and has the confidence to do it. If you do not know what the business, business website provides a wealth of business information: home based business ideas, franchise information, there are a lot of articles on how to inspire entrepreneurial thinking, for reference.

2. identifies products, services and pricing models. It’s certainly a good idea to make a business plan, but don’t let it get in the way of your child’s enthusiasm. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to make a business plan before action. If you think you really need it, do it together.

3. named for the company and scheduled URL. Naming the company and creating the company’s website is crucial. The first thing your customers will do is to search your business information on the Internet and want to find the relevant introduction.

4. budget. Let the business run for at least one semester to see how much revenue is available during this period. This provides you with a test period that can also reduce your financial risk. If you see the results, you will be able to operate for the next semester of the second phase of planning.

5. create your logo and website. Determine the colors, logos, images, and marketing materials used in the site to wrap your company.

6. attract public attention. Immediately publicize your entrepreneurial message. I even made a public announcement before making a comprehensive sales plan. This will cause concern and support of the circle of friends, but also help students adhere to entrepreneurship, because his friends will often ask about the current situation of business.

7. design complete marketing program. Under the premise of time constraints, you can not have a business plan, but marketing programs are essential. Develop a marketing plan that requires a detailed list of all ideas, strategies and ideas. And this program will continue to improve and change in this year.

8. to develop your master plan. I have discussed this issue in detail in the book, "What  Your  CPA  Isn’t  Telling  You;  ). The program described here should include all the steps of the semester, the duration of each item and the weekly and monthly business objectives.

9. to establish a timetable for implementation at school. It is easy for students to be distracted by the party and other recreational activities during school

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