[marketing] to say a word of the customer does not bargain

389 of the original price, after 20 percent off, after the end of 311, customers will say in all likelihood: "even a fraction of the money for the 1 bar." Counter-offer that the customer has decided to buy, but often because of the problem is not bargain. How to get a customer’s bargain?

1, adhere to the attitude: do not look down on these few dollars, this is a principle. Once erased, the next time you erase more. It is important that customers will regret later but regret to know a little more." In general, opened to half a year, will offer less obvious shops; but the practice proves that even love bargaining customers, the first time to shop is seriously second times to ask a counter-offer;; third times will no longer counter-offer.

2, eyes firm: sometimes say the same, the effect is not the same. This is manifested in the confidence of shopping guide performance, and firm, eye gaze can obviously enhance self-confidence.

3, tone firm: in the face of the counter-offer of the customer, the service attitude is better, the language needs to be as tactful as possible, and the tone must be firm, so that customers feel that really can not counter-offer.

then in addition to this, the three principles, how to deal with customer bargaining with a word? Take a look at:

counter-offer should dialogue:

to be divided into three circumstances: one digit, ten digit, hundred digit

to bargain

PS: This is the cashier in their own shop, the sum of the customer counter-offer, more than 90% of the customers immediately after listening to pay.

two methods: 1) is also not easy to find a love clothes, love is the most important; 2) bargain shop you will suffer, because you can never buy what price, and we have shops pricing, everyone is the same, so customers only fair, never eat a loss.

100 digits:

to bargain

two state of mind: 1, thought has a great bargain space, for fear of slaughter: tell him we are priced to sell, do not bargain, then turn to the product value; 2, beyond the budget to buy, but love products: MR (beauty), and occasionally buy yourself a good clothes, usually and friends also face more, you look at the clothes and fabrics……


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