Promote entrepreneurial projects to provide entrepreneurial path to solve entrepreneurial problems

township entrepreneurs lack of entrepreneurial projects, but also the need for policy help to help promote more entrepreneurial projects, to help them do poineering work, strengthen the quality of entrepreneurship. Tangyin spring action, the local entrepreneurs to bring a lot of entrepreneurial projects, to provide a better way to start a business.

2016 Tangyin county "spring action" to start, provides many employment opportunities for local applicants, in providing jobs at the same time, the county people club departments also actively for entrepreneurs to provide employment training, by the majority of entrepreneurs.

Soon to start the scene in the county "spring action" ceremony

service mode is to recruit new staff training, publishing service information, collect users signed a service agreement with the user, according to the agreed delivery service. At the same time, a detailed description of the characteristics of domestic service, market analysis and average income, so that entrepreneurs at a glance.

the county employment training center director Guo Tianyu told reporters that in recent years, the center has always been adhering to the "employment is the people’s livelihood, entrepreneurship is the source of the people rich" service concept, to expand the training form, rich training content was the focus of the work to improve the quality of training, improve service methods, promote the people business as the goal the comprehensive effect, to promote training of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to employment, to open up channels to create entrepreneurial talent, build a platform for the delivery of skilled personnel, was named Henan Province Employment demonstration base.

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