Shanxi invest 15 million to support poor women Entrepreneurship

to help poor people, and now all over the country are constantly implementing a variety of policies to help more people embark on the road of entrepreneurship. Among them, Shanxi invested 15 million yuan to support the poor women’s business, so as to help more people to get rich.

2016, 58 poor counties in the province will implement the "Shanxi women’s Poverty Action" project, the total annual project funds 15 million yuan, all used to carry out poverty women’s employment and entrepreneurship skills training programs and poor women’s employment and entrepreneurship demonstration base to support the project. Currently, the city and 58 poverty-stricken counties (autonomous regions and municipalities) women’s Federation and Poverty Alleviation Office (bureau) are working together to develop project plans.

"Shanxi women’s Poverty Action" by the provincial women’s Federation, leading the implementation of Poverty Alleviation Office support to filing riser poor women as the focus, to poor women’s income as the core, with 7 specific measures as a means to help poor women’s income.

provincial women’s Federation President Wang Weiqing introduction, training project will be based on the actual situation and the local employment needs of poor women, to carry out domestic service, arts and crafts, rural electricity, agricultural planting and breeding, farm management was founded as the main content of women’s employment and entrepreneurship skills training.

a lot of women are poor, because there is no way to get rich, which requires local governments to do more to help local people get rich. So, so much money invested in Shanxi, I believe that the lives of more poor women can be improved.

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