Open such a string of shops is also very good

Wei Zhuang Bashan is a string of casserole with the authentic taste of the snack bar, simple operation, no chef he can join hands, catering business projects it is definitely your best choice, because of these advantages enough to convince you.

From the advantage of


string flavor Zhuang casserole

: the taste of first-class taste by Zhuang Bashan casserole string of ancestral formula build amazing secret fashion taste, aroma, spicy soup and mellow flavor in the soup delicious dishes full of juice, dry down.

: taste mellow taste of Bashan Zhuang Chongqing casserole string taste tracing the origin with a professional casserole boil, hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant, mellow.

joined the

string of Zhuang Bashan flavor casserole

choice: Bashan flavor Zhuang Chongqing casserole according to taste the regional differences of strings, carefully developed four taste soup, a full range to meet the needs of consumers.

independent Dining: Bashan flavor Zhuang Chongqing casserole string of focusing on experiential consumer services, convenience, customer ordering without waiting, you can enjoy the delicacy, casual dining form.

simple to use: Bashan flavor Zhuang Chongqing casserole just let customers choose their own string of love into the dishes, prepared by boiling in the pot, you can eat well.

taste delicious spicy string of Bashan Zhuang, casserole choice; without chefs, simple operation; yourself, eat a foot; rinse hot, eat immediately; eight diners gathered together, the popular hot drink! It is popular this year is still fresh, very good to join immediately open shop, earn! Immediately rise, a wealth of

in place!

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