Wang Sicong signed baby will see themselves as an entrepreneur

national husband Wang Sicong have been concerned in the network every act and every move, earlier this month, he is more fiery game broadcast market and add a fire: the night of September 5th, just attended the Tencent "hero alliance" the four anniversary of Wang Sicong micro-blog said that he will serve as the new panda TV CEO. Subsequently, iG electronic sports club it’s successfully entered S5 finals in Sina micro-blog released a giveaway of panda TV also advertising, and forwarding of more than 280 obtained in a short period of time, this let the panda TV into more people’s vision.

from the beginning of the broadcast platform to watch live, to live their play "hearthstone" card package, to become Betta TV investors to set up their own CEO and served as a broadcast platform today, Wang Sicong is also more and more deeply on the broadcast platform. Then the game broadcast the concern of the industry he is to see the panda TV how deus ex in the fierce market competition? With these questions, the Sina game was interviewed by Wang Sicong.

and Sina in the game of the exchange, Wang Sicong said in the broadcast is a new model for the younger generation of self presentation, he is very optimistic about this new type of live entertainment experience, the broadcast industry has a great potential, so the establishment of panda TV. In Wang Sicong’s plan, broadcast platform is a core part of the layout of the pan entertainment O2O market, hopes to broadcast platform games, connected entertainment and sports industry, panda TV in addition to the content of the game live abroad will be more interested in entertainment, will provide users with concerts, sporting events and other forms of live. In the first month, last month announced the establishment of Shanghai banana program Cultural Development Co. Ltd. Wang Sicong has set up four companies, namely Shanghai banana program sports culture Co. Ltd., Shanghai banana plan performance brokerage Co. Ltd., Shanghai banana program electronic game Co. Ltd. and Shanghai banana program music Limited, and panda TV in plan in these different industries must be connected to the core and link.

In the interview, Wang Sicong also broke the

panda TV has signed the famous goddess Angelababy, behind also will be announced more massive star anchor lineup, and the panda TV beta version is also expected to be a month on-line, attention panda TV users don’t have to wait too long.

below is the Sina game interview record:

Sina game: when you are concerned about the game from the broadcast platform, the establishment of panda TV fancy is what kind of market prospects for this business?

Wang Sicong: I’m a hardcore gamer, so I haven’t had the idea to launch a in a foreign country. People in modern society requirements for entertainment is more and more strong, broadcast platform to meet the user a lot of demand, with the diversification of user leisure habits, from games to entertainment, from the demand to live, from one side to listen and watch to indicate this interaction, >