One yuan entrepreneurial experience can a monthly income of million

The following is an example of

, a person with a yuan as entrepreneurs we have to build up the family fortunes, admired his wisdom, how did he open his rich life?

south to work on a whim

snapadoo, in October 2008, he returned to Lanzhou.

"adversity" business earning million

the moment he has no more money in the Lanzhou flea market to buy 5 people out of the washing machine and a drying machine, less than 20 square meters rented a house as a storefront and accommodation for a long time in the house clothes, he suffered from arthritis, encounter Yin the rain of leg pain often.

have washed the clothes about waiting for customers to take hundreds of pieces on a hanger. In a conversation with reporters, he also received from time to time to the store laundry or clothes customers. Sometimes busy, even lunch to eat in the afternoon. Every day very busy business is good, income in the end how? By the way, the reporter asked the owner of the horse’s monthly income, he shyly smiled and said: do not earn much, usually earn eight thousand or nine thousand yuan, when the winter business is good, can earn more than $ten thousand."


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