The development prospect of classified information websites is considerable

now classified information website market is in the flames of war, news, 58 again to obtain financing, combined with YAHOO’s reputation and so on, seems to let people see again a market full of potential, full of vigour. And for classified information, people have mixed opinions. There are optimistic about this market, but also not optimistic about the market. Some people say that classified information lacks profit models, and some people say that classified information is one of the most profitable business models of web2.0. This is not the only one。

and I think that the classified information is a good business model, and its profit model is also very clear.

classified information website is a personal, personal and business to local personal information exchange and exchange platform. Individuals on this piece of personal, I think there should be no profit point, but businesses have great potential for individuals to dig. Craigslist now has tens of millions of dollars a year just by hiring advertisements. In China, advertising fees for recruiting units may not be all right, but there are other categories that can bring in revenue. For example, life services, business services and other businesses for personal service. Once I chatted with a small company that did the registration and bookkeeping of the company, asking about their monthly expenses. He said that advertising fees accounted for a large, I asked them to advertise in what place, he said in the "hand in hand". "How much is it?" he said, nearly 6000 yuan a month. "Hand in hand" is Beijing’s only a special classification information of newspapers (and possibly other, but not what fame), a lot of space, the Thursday newspaper. I looked at the size of a match box he was referring to. It was 6000 dollars in such a small place. I was surprised at that time. In China, many small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises are only aimed at the local market. There are many enterprises in this area. They urgently need to have a localized and cheap platform to promote their services and products. Companies such as home economics, moving companies, accounting firms, for example, can’t publish their advertising information to national websites, such as Taobao. The classified information website is just a local trading platform, which is very suitable for the publication of such information.

although the profit model is clear, but there is a problem, that is, the classification information market is not yet mature, but also takes time to cultivate. Everyone knows that. Therefore, word of mouth, 58 and so done enough effort, without considering the profit, cultivate the market first. But no one knows how long the market will take to grow. And venture capital intervention is generally the most, 5 or 6 years or so will exit. The risk of funds involved in the classification of information should be 2 years, if after 3 years, 4 of the market is not nurtured, not see the dawn of the profit, the time the money hit out of classified information website will be dead. So, at present, 58 has won another round of venture investment, the surface of the scenery, but will face a lot of earnings pressure later, not optimistic. 58, after financing again, did the revision, the obvious change is to remove the previous ads, and basically no advertising on the page, this really increased the user >

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