The road should go in embarrassed by the Sina micro blog

Hello, I am happy, today I read an article on the "Sina micro-blog" end, I feel good and I want to write a few points and we exchange, you know the foreign twitter? If you don’t understand, this article may not be suitable for you to read, you can turn off the window. To find suitable for their own article, don’t waste your precious time here.

first said why Twitter is so hot, even the recent foreign well-known light blog Tumblr should move closer to twitter, because they all take the advantage of twitter, that is "short, fast, Jane"". No one wants to see any more long winded speeches. 140 words or words have become the people’s dynamic and news of friends nowadays. It is easy for friends to send, and we can see it easily. That’s the real essence of twitter.

2009, Sina opened the door of micro-blog, the first batch of beta, second batches, until micro-blog officially opened, more and more people micro-blog play, more and more features, but also very complex, then let the couple think this is registered, and the general SNS community not what two things, these newcomers on the surface. In fact, micro-blog, or to their communities and their crowd together hey, finally, Sina micro-blog advertising, marketing account everywhere, but not distinguish what the zombie fans, what is normal in terms of powder, I have a friend of micro-blog is concerned, only dozens of fans, but there are hundreds, I a careful analysis of the situation of the micro-blog friends, found his fans is a zombie, zombie feature is micro-blog, less attention.

so now micro-blog is a big pot of stew, everything, no theme, lost the luster of micro-blog at that time.

micro-blog rose in 2009, micro-blog active in 2010, micro-blog marketing flooding in 2011, confused in 2012, continue to confusion in 2013.

as a social networking site, Sina executives don’t think micro-blog later how to development? How to improve user stickiness? For example, the old generation slowly because the life out of the micro-blog, the full side there are a lot of old friends account disappeared, two years is not updated, I can only clean these friends, and I don’t want to pay attention to, the couple, because I do not know these people whether it will really play the community, concerned about the number of my micro-blog from the 600 original, has been reduced to more than 200. Friends are decreasing so that they can increase their relationship with each other.

According to the terms of

statistics, Sina micro-blog from the second half of 2012, revenue declined, it attracted Ali investment, otherwise I really do not know how to survive now, in addition to the original micro-blog ads, and a Taobao box, the user experience and dropped a lot.

If Sina

micro-blog is not in now on the basis of reduced content, strengthen customer relationship, then Sina’s end is really far away. And in popularity, you’ll always be

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