Focus on mobile nternet Entrepreneurship days search technology innovation forum will be held

in 2016 to enter the winter, but the Internet is still a circle is like spring like miami. Echoes of agitation and review this for more than a year of the Internet: the first red net community collective blowout, created a lot of heart Indoorsman amateur goddess; artificial intelligence and then the rise of VR industry, and leveraging the wave of entrepreneurship; sharing of economic hardship of breaking and mobile Internet opportunity clusters. We look forward to more voices and ask the future.

Zhejiang tinsou Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as: tinsou Technology) as the vanguard of the mobile Internet era, take on the responsibility of December 21, 2016, Journal of tinsou technology and "Zhejiang" will jointly host the ninth session of the conference and the "Zhejiang" mobile Internet Innovation Forum, the era of entrepreneurship focus on mobile internet.


the conference is the guest lineup huge, Chun mining suncy. Not only have the NetEase, so the taxi drops pointing rain big coffee industry, well-known investment institutions such as Silicon Valley paradise, and pro came, the great route in the winter capital under stand the pioneering new, more experts and scholars as Cao Lei, Jin Xiaogang as the representative of the insight into industry trends. Industry panoramic collision, is bound to bring the most acute observation of the times and the industry’s most forward-looking judgment.

in this forum, experts and scholars from the macro perspective of the trend of hot spots, focus on the innovation of artificial intelligence brings to the mobile Internet, and the future of the industry trend, focusing on annual industry the highest heat vocabulary; will big coffee industry and venture capital institutions from the perspective of capital and business model, not only the new prospect of tuyere the industry, guide the entrepreneurs to better financing; it also probes into some reflections on the innovation of business model, to help a guest to find a new wave of industry market opportunities, successful counter attack in the winter.

of course, the more important the sound from the scene of many pioneering new, they understand the market rules of survival from combat, and solve the problems of efficiency, cost, and other products from the actual combat, face downward pressure on the economy, contrarian, Zhazhu heel. Their own experiences, not only for the industry can complement exchange from actual combat perspective, will also make the forum to exchange ideas on the light shine into practice completely.


mobile Internet era, the speed of change and product innovation efforts are to achieve hitherto unknown leap. But in the new era, the survival and development of enterprises, standing industry forefront entrepreneurs how to better realize, is a lifelong proposition every people need to think of the internet. If you are on this topic of intense interest, to pay attention to this forum, and a lot of books, and the wisdom of blows, and tinsou technology together and asked

a new era!