When we talk about soft text what are we talking about

finished the translation of Raymond · in the toilet today; Carver’s "when we talk about love when we talk about what", could not help overwhelmed with admiration for: this book is a collection of rare examples of soft paper, the classic "telegraphic" style is suitable for soft Wen creation. I read in the book, and then summed up the three principles when writing soft, but this is the statements of a school please master, in view of the Different people, different views. rational treatment.

1. soft Wen needs to follow "Iceberg Theory"

in 1932, Hemingway presented his famous "iceberg" principle in his documentary "the death of the afternoon"". He used the "iceberg" as a metaphor, and thought that the writers should only describe the part of "iceberg" that appears above the water. The underwater part should be prompted by the text so that readers can imagine and supplement it. In fact, this theory is well understood, it is for you to elaborate the truth or are you going to tell consumers the information points so far, don’t pull out, to have a certain mystique, or more popular, to set up the suspense. One of the easiest ways to arouse the reader’s desire to read is to throw a question at the end of the first paragraph of the soft text and try to get someone else to guess what you’re going to say. It’s like a bikini on a beautiful woman. It’s important to see where we are, and what’s missing is more important.

2. soft text, avoid loud talk

, the famous French writer Voltaire has a famous saying: "the adjective noun is the enemy". The noun is to the thing itself, is the face, directly shows things, adjectives more instead of masking things and er. Of course not that cannot use adjectives, but use less or fine, it is used in the key place in the area do not abuse, to let people have a "awesome" feeling, can let a person feel to see is a braggart. For example, for example, you write on diet pills to promote the soft Wen, the results of the text to such a sentence, "5 days of rapid reduction of fat; 10 days ultra thin waist circle; 3 years absolutely do not rebound."". This is typical rhetoric, not only can not get a good soft Wen effect, but also make people feel disgusted, because you write like this is insulting the National People’s intelligence quotient.

3. soft Wen more use "experience omitted"


and we often say that the so-called "words while indefinite" have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, that is to say, you have to in the article not essential statements or omit some arguments, and some just ellipsis is people with experience can be filled with imaginary part, therefore, this kind of omission is the maximum skill to mobilize the participation of user experience, and not let the user feel you are taller than him one, think you are in his class. Some people write every aspect of what you are told, chatter without stop, not to mind taking the trouble, do not leave blank, actually do not necessarily have a good effect, and if the change of type, the blank and good at giving systematic guidance, guidance, often can achieve the purpose of soft. The author of this paper is www.xiaoha>

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