The seven step easy to create soft killer

as the saying goes, "good Seoer is a top editor."." But this is soft text editor and Seoer thousands on thousands of headaches, a lot of people always feel not what can be written, duty really forced to write and do not know how to position and material, some in order to task casually on the network were prepared with a high repetition rate time or topic. As we all know, in fact, we have a lot of material and events around, but it is difficult to link up with their own good, so I summed up some killer soft Wen common aspects, for your reference.

must first understand the benefits of doing so, the killer soft power is strong, he can save a lot of network spending and hiring personnel costs, a good article can bring to the site outside the chain of tens of thousands of, increase the weight of the website. It can directly bring about IP, if there are soft product advertising, but also directly bring conversion rate, spend a few hours to write a good article to you every day doing the hard work efficiency then certainly repetitive work and so is not high, to write a soft text every day, learn the following the exercises you quickly is also the soft field killer.

1: Title Accuracy and attractiveness.

The accuracy of the title of a

is generally referred to as quantifier, which makes it clear that the article is coherent. Attractiveness is usually an adjective to modify what you write. Read here there will be some people will say that this is the title of the party, in fact, is not the title of the party, the concept of the title is very attractive, but once in May and the title has nothing to do or not according to the quality of the article, the title of this article, for example, if my title is: the preparation method of the soft, it is one can feel like not what temptation, but does not reflect the competition, can attract the attention of readers, but also the beginning of all is the reader to see a bunch of titles, how can from numerous title in the title only unique talent shows itself, the reader can decide whether you see this article, so do the the first step is to allow you to attract readers title in many talent shows itself in the title, let the reader have a desire to click.

2: the content must draw a fresh and refreshing feeling.

when the first step is successful, the reader clicks in, and the second step is to analyze the readership, what kind of article you write, and what kind of audience you are. The content of the material is the nature and scope of what kind of material? Must have new or entertainment or unexpected feeling, for example: small NetEase to compile the PR no longer update events, sometimes with the social reality of negative thinking, such as: ban Wang Laoji event and so on, these successful cases problem is drawn the novelty and advantage of reverse thinking, and organize ideas and articles were evaluated for your readers title, if not good, people will think you is the title of the party, without any quality. That’s the best if you can build your own material, but as far as I know, more

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