Webmaster can not know website development seven golden rule

has recently focused on Apple’s dynamics, and no doubt Apple has become one of the most valuable technology brands in the world. There are some places worth studying on the road to success, and share a few experiences to share.

one, the webmaster should learn to be friends with the enemy,

example: can you imagine Pepsi and Coca Cola making friends? That’s the surprise of apple and Microsoft in 1997. After nearly 12 consecutive years of financial losses, Jobs needs to bring money to apple, and soon will be in place. So he turned to Bill – Gates, and Gates put $150 million into apple. "As far as I’m concerned, the era of competition between apple and Microsoft is over," Jobs announced. (with Microsoft) is to make apple healthy, but also to allow apple to once again bring an incredible contribution to the industry".

introduced in previous articles, the survival of the site is not exclusive world, but win-win, as long as find the right fit, do not stand in opposition with competitors. In the information explosion today, has not closed the times, "behind closed doors" will only make your site into a dead end, no permanent enemies, only permanent competition. Today is your competitor’s Web site, and maybe someday it will give you a boost. Your competitors will bring you a sense of urgency and stress you when you achieve a stage success and give you growth goals when you are in low water.

two, webmaster should be well versed in aesthetics,

example: as a great product salesman, Jobs realized the importance of aesthetics. He realized long ago that Apple’s products were a bit outdated. In 1998, Jobs called an apple management meeting, he said in the participants were seated, the company’s products: "do you know what is wrong with the product cost?!". Today, apple prides itself on creating the most beautiful technology products, from colorful iMac to slim iPad.

everyone loves beautiful things, like a web page to the user is the appearance of the product, the first impression, so the structure and layout of the site must be "beautiful"! If your website looks allows users to feel content, color, layout of the complex miscellaneous confusion, how to let users stay in your site? For example, look at the factory of the world home network, make people feel very comfortable color, the overall pattern of advertising picture and website interaction, multi view, people can not help but stay.

three, a wide variety of website products,

example: Apple was originally a company that only produces computers, but Jobs knows that to really succeed, you need to expand your product range. With the launch of Final Cut Pro, apple began its own expansion, followed by the introduction of MP3 players, music products, iPhone, and iP>

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