Purpose and price analysis of web link

looked at ADMIN5 for 3 months, and gave me the feeling of the new station’s gospel. Although I am not a long time contact with ADMIN5, but let me learn a lot of things, there are a lot of master have made me ashamed. Want to write such an article, in fact, consider a lot, because some time ago, there are many links vendors want to give such a platform, and will offend a lot of people. But think about it for ADMIN5’s reputation.

now analyzes the purpose of buying and selling links: the seller has only one purpose, without affecting the quality of the site, hoping to add additional revenue to the site by selling links. There are 2 sides to the buyer’s purpose. One is to let well-known websites to be included, so that well-known websites are included at the fastest speed, this situation is generally new sites to buy links. The two is to increase the authority of GG, these buyers are generally buy more than P2, if PR1 included good, he also needs to buy.

to the formal specification of the market, I refer to other stations link prices, combined with the study of this period of time, to establish such a link price list, I hope everyone pointing, also hope to figure wangdage to the point.

PR 0

included 5000 – 10 thousand and 5 yuan

included more than 8 yuan 10 thousand

PR 1

included 1000 – 50005 yuan

included 5000 – 10 thousand and 8 yuan

included more than 10 yuan 10 thousand

PR 2

included 500 – 10005 yuan

included 1000 – 500010 yuan

included 5000 – 10 thousand and 15 yuan

included more than 20 yuan 10 thousand


included 500 – 100015 yuan

included 1000 – 500020 yuan

included 5000 – 10 thousand and 25 yuan

included more than 30 yuan 10 thousand


included 500 – 100020 yuan

included 1000 – 500030 yuan

included 5000 – 10 thousand and 40 yuan

included more than 50 yuan 10 thousand

PR5 more than the price to see the popularity of the site and the quality of connection

does not know whether his price list is reasonable and expects the buyer to execute it with the seller

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