The website operation success prospects to be careful

believes that many grassroots Adsense is a lot of people careless entered the ranks of the webmaster, originally had a cavity blood, a website to the Yellow River heart die attachment, but the final result, but people really jumped into the Yellow River, to enter the site no longer dare to position. Is not enough to stick? Obviously not, there is no execution? This isn’t! What caused the website operation failure? Can only say that the environment now, now want to let alone, the success of the site have a considerable profit, or is the site operation of the road to the empty Gloves White Wolf, is difficult to obtain the success of


insisted on not credible, trusted is innovation, you know, here to talk about my successful website management, perhaps to the traditional view with little subversion, but I still believe that the road to success will be dissatisfied with future grass-roots construction site of thorns, if there is no innovation, the it is very difficult to succeed


1: select an industry you know well,

now many webmaster in website operation is very impetuous, the site from the building to the line, there is always change keywords countless times, for a while to do a Taobao off site, while they want to do a local portal and so on, because they found that many of the most popular ways to make money off of Taobao, where but the portal, without considering their own advantages, always all to the profitability. This was not wrong, because we do, is to make money, but if you want to read is not proficient in the industry, every step you will be very difficult, so I think, to the construction site by yourself the advantages of the industry, grasp the profit model, or a


two: need to prepare some investment

is now engaged in the website, if there is no money, want to in the fierce competition, the only talent shows itself, fond dream, even if you are a few decades of business website, of course, many webmaster no day and night in the 32 months after the operation of the site, found no money will immediately withdraw from now, dozens of years of operation of a loss of the website, it is unique! So we want to do well the construction site, no upfront capital investment, as soon as possible to make their sites into profitable channels, or have a certain ability to make money, so that it can let the webmaster has the power to adhere to the


but now more grassroots when the operation of the site, is a way to save money to save money, what to rely on yourself, so no matter from the quality of the chain website content quality and website have no way to guarantee, it is easy to rival rout, and now engage in what website do not spend money, website content editing, soft writing, soft release, release link and so on, are all need a certain amount of money, but the investment is already very low, if this sum of money will not get out, then how can.

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