The experience of a college student for three years 1

unconsciously, four years of college time has come to an end, and I have forged an indissoluble bond with the internet. I am a medical university students, do webmaster is purely their own hobby. Three years has had a profound impact on my life. I like to share this experience with my classmates and friends, and this evening, too.

doesn’t know when it’s time to be hooked on computers, but I remember the brilliant experiences I just started with computers. The first time I saw the computer was in the third grade, there was a machine, a new gadget, a guy like TV in a corner of the school. For a time, many students pass by the time, they like to look at the window. Later, a very enthusiastic teacher explained that it was a computer. Then is to high school, began to accept the teaching, but when the foundation is very poor, many things do not understand, although it is hard to ask the teachers and students, but there has been no clear "cut" and "copy" the difference (in the countryside, this is from the formal teaching). So careless, addlebrained, completed the computer qualification exam before the college entrance examination in some teacher’s help. And then it was college. By the way, there are some things that happened: in the summer after the college entrance examination, I had my first QQ.


entered the University, was on the computer, I had a lot of embarrassment. Remember one time, my roommate let me take MP3 to the computer room to download the song and bring it back. Well, I came back for a long time, jubilant. Later, they told me that I had a very slow page. Just one chance, I swear I’ll change myself. Can not be in today’s information, I became a slave. So when I was on the University Computer Rank exam, I knew the chance was coming. When the students for the first time to apply for a level, I resolutely chose the two level. Of course, the premise is to consult a lot of sister school seniors, learned that the two level of VFP is still very easy. In this way, I began my two career, because the school did not open two language courses, so the whole process I have to study by myself. Insert a sentence, at that time just in pursuit of a girl, happen to be what 7 days of holidays. Well, I will use it for 7 days, just side with the girl, while the school over the course. Finally, the only experience is that there are girls accompanied by learning efficiency is high, followed by my IQ is not low, but did not develop well before. So after half a month, my computer has been two. Up to now, the only boy in our class has passed class two.

when I realized I was talented in computers, I started digging into it. First I paid for my classmate’s second-hand computer, and thanked the computer for accompanying me through my three years of College life. Photoshop, flash, and self Dreamweaver (learning Nabuchushou, careless, only tools, of course it’s slow >)

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