Where is the way out for personal websites

According to the

survey last CNNIC, domestic users personal home ownership is not really small, the absolute number of one hundred thousand can be used to gauge how, in so many personal homepage, this problem is worth our each talent shows itself? Personal home owners to carefully consider the


according to what I see and think, I think the following three points are most important: personalization, teamwork, commercialization,

, first of all, is personalized. This is the easiest to understand and the most difficult to implement. What is personalization? I think that "people do not have me, people have my strange", personalization depends on content and pages complement each other in two aspects, and the essence is a good idea (creative). Content above to achieve, can be other people did not pay attention to the content, did not dig good content, I think we can start from their own hobbies, especially small. For example, I have seen a specialized sports shoes consultation site, although the page is not how, but the sports shoes and the introduction, evaluation of a large number of pictures, for those of us who love sports shoes but could not love what shoes to buy people, really is the "thirst"! From the page of it is to use the unique creativity of the page to attract visitors, although this effect is significant, but obviously the webmaster technical requirements are relatively high, such as Javascript, Dhtml, flash better (I think the webmaster early "League ants" is absolute to meet these requirements, we can see there) a shortcut is the web page layout style, such as my own HappyUp technology not very difficult, but the layout and the overall image or the general site has many different Therefore, the real technique is not very solid, and with some bold and innovative methods, it must also have very good results. (Zuo Youzhen’s surround design).

personalization is a personal solution, but many friends will say, "my thoughts are good, but my pages do."………… So, watch it! We can try teamwork,


teamwork, that is, a website, multi personal collaboration to complete. For example, a has a good idea, B has a large number of data, the C page Kung Fu is very solid, so a+b+c=success (success)! What good team? Obviously, people more power! First of all, the contradiction between content and technology can solve, everyone. Secondly, more complementary; time can make full use of net, update tasks can be everyone together, updating the site more natural; and publicity, the effect of the people do not say it? – (incidentally, now many do better campus website is to engage in such a team mode, the effect is very good Oh!)

team vision is excellent, but it’s hard to find some compatible partners, and also to trust each other (otherwise, when you update, people give you all your files to delet>.)

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