Sina personal micro blog operation summary

now playing micro-blog more and more people, many companies are also micro-blog marketing, mainly because it is fast enough to spread, and the scope of communication is also large enough. And micro-blog marketing will inevitably become part of enterprise marketing. As micro-blog’s hot, every fan has become a marketing object, use 140 words to the users spread business or product information, establish a good corporate image and product image, updated every day can communicate with you or provide everyone interested in the topic, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing, Why not? It. The same goes for individual micro-blog. Here’s my own personal experience of micro-blog, I hope to help you.

Sina, micro-blog operation details determine success or failure

in fact, micro-blog is actually the same website, a micro-blog is equivalent to a small web site. Name is website name, label namely website keyword, introduction is to describe, and already had individual character domain name now, that is equivalent to the website address of oneself, still can set the background that likes. Therefore, these details must be done well.

is the location problem first. Have an aim before you do it, and that will determine your success or failure. Positioning on micro-blog, or the proposed brand to take into account, that is, do word-of-mouth marketing, training effective fans in the future is very helpful.

, then the name, after positioning, give yourself a loud name, let others see what you do. That way, they’ll see what you’re going to focus on after they’ve seen it.

ends up with other materials, including: tags, presentations, domain names, backgrounds, etc.. We should know the role of keywords in the website, the label in micro-blog is the same, others in search of will also through tag search, such fans are looking for a clear goal, the quality is very high. Introduction is to let others trust you more, a good introduction is likely to let him pay attention to you immediately. Personalized domain name this piece, it is important to note that once changed, will not be modified, so be careful. A good background is also the key to fans’ attention, because maybe fans come into your micro-blog, from the background, you have a good taste, and the other is to increase credibility. Finally, other data should be improved so that other people can contact us and increase credibility and interaction opportunities.

, Sina, micro-blog’s operation is very important,

everything needs to be hold on. Remember, persistence is victory. Micro-blog operators in the early stage to adhere to is fans, content and interaction.

one, first of all, say fans. In the early days, you want to naturally increase the fans, it must be impossible, unless you are a celebrity. How can you have a fan? Here are some ways to describe it.

1: getting in and out of micro swarm

means getting in and out of micro groups is a group of people, and everyone should know that there is a plate in the swarm that welcomes new people. Most people >

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