After 95 entrepreneurs valuation of billions of dollars we do not recruit Curve Wrecker only recrui

see when Zhang Yiyun is 2 in the afternoon, walked into the pocket part of the office, on the left side of the door is a three sofa, sitting above the reel right and left three students fell asleep. On the right side of the door is a small room, which is cluttered with a guitar, sofa, blackboard, TV remote control, Zhang Yiyun told reporters on the state of entrepreneurship, this room is the company’s KTV.

and above to see, but this is a unique feature of the iceberg after 95 CEO iceberg, the iceberg below the story and ideas more impressive. For example, in the formation of the team, the principle of Zhang Yiyun is that the university has not done the trick does not recruit, did not hang up the Department does not recruit; do not learn tyrants, only recruit learning slag.

College students part-time platform

founder Zhang Yiyun – Pocket part-time, part-time campus recently received field maximum financing: 20 million yuan of A round of financing, seems to be declared to the world the 95, after the

era has arrived!

pocket co-founder Zhang Yiyun

13 year old hacker ‘venture’

Zhang Yiyun’s business, starting from the age of 13. However, his target market is somewhat unusual.

was 13 years old, 4 years old began to contact the computer Zhang Yiyun to write one for hackers to steal QQ Trojans, earned the first pot of gold in life -30 million. When he was a high, he and a few friends jointly set up an online hacker training platform, specialized ‘counseling’ hackers interested in primary and secondary school students. This platform to recruit 100 thousand of paid members, he also succeeded in earning the first in life of the first 1 million.


, he began selling a brand Juicer on the internet. His practice is in the name of the association of health experts to open a personal blog, and then write 3 articles every day on juicer and health articles to attract readers. Later, Zhang Yiyun felt that he was too tired to write articles, he thought of a way to ‘lazy’. The brand name of his juicer to recruit a large platform for branch and writer, require applicants to resume with three articles about the juicer own copy.

a week later, Zhang Yiyun received one thousand resumes, and the next few years, the blog articles are ‘set’ qi.

was not an adult, just a joke, now we’re not allowed to do these things ", for their own" glorious history ", Zhang Yiyun appears some feel shy.

pocket part-time team

does not recruit school tyrants, only recruit learning slag

as the child dumbfounding "entrepreneurial experience," now, as a part-time CEO pocket Zhang Yiyun in the team did not take the traditional route. He told the entrepreneurial state reporters, pocket part-time do not learn tyrants, only recruit learning slag.

, "the university did not hang up the division we do not have done without the disadvantages, not playing the shelves do not," Zhang Yiyun