Sparrow thought how to get out of the difficult position of QQ station

, let me introduce myself first:

, I’m a fast consumer marketing company. I’m interested in the IT industry, so I learned how to build websites in 2008. I learned how to make a website when I was under the skin.


, let me talk about my station:

2008 site in the early stage, in line with the practice of learning website production and hobbies, bought a IDC space, then won’t choose domain name, the wife casually said a, registered.


conditions installed but I think easy to grasp the new cloud program, do a few simple template, like a long time, finally played a good name "step off", with the development of QQ business, QQ user requirements for message code gradually increased, I from the aspects of their own creation message free to users, initially did not see good results, site visits withered, basically can say this once lost confidence hall out of


later in a forum through learning website promotion knowledge, have a certain flow, then trouble constantly! First included puzzles and search engines, due to less so at first article, included a limited number, this exchange connection exists great threshold, many had been refused to tell the truth to the reality of the sales to

more depressed!

with the daily update of the original message, web site gradually increased, but troubled hit again, the safety of the site into a huge hidden trouble, I can say in this regard is basically illiterate, has been tampered with the horse! Helpless and began to learn this knowledge, now have experience: do you have what will


other details will not say more, focus on Baidu, Baidu and not too high threshold on the website, as long as the content of health will generally be soon included, before the August 2009 Baidu adjustment, website ranking of key to the chain, high quality connection is to create ranking tool, regardless of you how the content, so I and many webmaster, daily time working with this! But after August 2009 Baidu to give webmasters a sap, and even a lot of webmaster has started to give up on the ranking of expectations, because the old station has been more and more popular, most new station was drop right, including me "step off"! Many owners feel wronged, at first I also. But you think carefully, this is actually a fair, then the Internet age threshold so low, like I haven’t done computer can whole a website, if you do not raise the old station ranking, do not know how many new garbage will come out! Is the lack of network at first, now really


say that how to get out of the dilemma: in fact, I am just a half webmaster, is a little experience, I think the man should also learn war practice, out of the search engines rely on! Provides can let users.

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