One year webmaster experience talk about

Hello, everyone, I’m a rookie webmaster, the reason why I’m a rookie, because my webmaster experience to a certain extent, then can’t inch into. But there are some things I write out to see and maybe help you a little. Experienced senior webmaster, here is the younger brother…

I used to be a web designer. I have three years of experience. Have done small business networks, have done a large portal network, and so on all types of sites have involved, but my wages are dead wages. In this way, I have to find a new way. I do Wangzhuan, did the shop. Finally, I still feel that the webmaster can bring me considerable income. So I stepped into the webmaster circle.

at first I was full of hope, every day in each Webmaster Station, see other people’s article, learning what is SEO learning, what is search engine, learning what is promotion, etc.. But I always miss the point. After all, a good thing is willing to share it with others. Even when shared, a large part is useless. After a while of hesitation, I decided to try it first.

my background is not very good, can only change other people’s source code. Selected for a long time, the code selected, but also changed, and began to purchase domain names and space. Initial investment will certainly not be much, when the.CN domain name is still 1 dollars a, some companies are also free of charge. So I bought 100M space + a CN domain name. The site was on the line, but there was nothing. I made a terrible mistake. I have a free website on the Internet, I think that once, people will slowly put my site to the rich, yes, I do is a local classification information network ( A few days later, I knew it was just a dream. My website was changed by someone else’s source code. It didn’t attract much attention. Coupled with no data, search engines are not included, a few days in the past, a landing no one. So I began to collect information from other types of Web sites. It was funny. I was manually collecting. ). After two days of unremitting efforts, I finally added 30 or so information to each column of the website. It was a bit of meat, but after a few days, the collection engine or not included. And then to forums and websites to see other people’s optimization and promotion articles. According to other people write out those methods, one after all tried, search engine finally began to include my site. The site has traffic, too. Just pathetic. After I repeated every day doing work, promotion, see included, see the traffic situation, but I am most concerned about is what time can make money, I think most of the webmaster and I also like a green hand. As a result, I was too eager for instant success. The website died when it was included in the more than 1000 page of Baidu and GG. Baidu gave my website to K. Cause I don’t want to say more. So far, I have not tried this category information network, and I think it is equivalent to the waste. Now PR should be >

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