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Lo stores seasons have characteristics of good business, warmly welcomed by customers. This kind of product tastes good, business is hot, profit space is big, make join trader is very heart. What kind of business problems do you need to pay attention to? Xiaobian finishing the relevant recommendations, hoping to provide some reference for you.

stewed dishes, because of the heat will make the raw materials in the protein denaturation, resulting in dehydration, the bittern moisture content decreased, thus increasing the raw material storage period and storage period, Lucai raw materials due to Wu juice, it is easy to carry, the preferred food for travel.

general characteristics of Lo stores invest several thousand dollars to start processing tools and equipment is relatively simple, the 1 man processing. The characteristics of Lo stores small investment, high profit, quick, risk-free, and place of business at random, supermarkets, commercial streets and lanes, high streets and back lanes, pedestrian street, District, office buildings, residential areas, markets, factories, schools, railway stations, docks, both fixed, or the flow, can also be wholesale delivery homegrown, four processing, stable operation, development prospects.

features of Lo stores, the raw material must be fresh, but also processing must be kept clean and sanitary, but also good dust and flies to work. All processed products are best sold on the same day, the day can not be sold, it should be placed in the refrigerator freezer.

features of franchise funds required Lo actually is not large, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs can join. This project is adaptable and popular. Businesses in the business process, the need to do a good job of management, to provide consumers with good products and services, so as to be successful.

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