RT Mart supermarket push B2C website fly cattle Network why do electricity providers so late

China electricity supplier industry is ushered in a wave of market boom, to stimulate the market in the capital, founded by Taiwan’s Darunfa supermarket, quietly launched the whole category of B2C electric flying cow network, hoping to share in the business growth in a cup of soup.

encircling the cities from rural areas

Before the

Darunfa parent company ruentex group in Taiwan is the main business of textile, since 1990s Taiwan textile industry is facing rising costs, artificial price competition overseas threats, gradually into the sunset industry, ruentex group under this background to seek transformation.

To explore the cause of the

circulation in Darunfa is ruentex group in 1996, April 1997 Chinese Darunfa to enter the mainland market, the establishment of the Shanghai Darunfa Co. Ltd. and Ji’nan Darunfa Co. Ltd, respectively, in the East, North and Northeast China key city opened hypermarket volume.

was world famous hypermarket WAL-MART and Carrefour, RT Mart earlier than to step into the Chinese mainland, and in Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities considerable market share.

just established a year of RT mart, considering the limited experience, choose to avoid these international giants, will focus on positioning in the promising two or three – line cities.

high-speed growth performance so that RT Mart quickly counterattack to the first tier cities. Official data show that last year, RT Mart in the country has 268 stores, turnover of about 80 billion yuan.

in addition to Darunfa supermarket, ruentex group in 2001 in China mainland investment in another retail system xishiduo convenience stores in Shanghai as the center of radiation of East China, Southern China and other regions.

why late electricity providers?

in January this year, a "flying cattle Network" feiniu.com all category B2C platform quietly on-line, identified as "RT Mart online mall."". In the official introduction, flying cattle Network stressed that the use of RT Mart scale procurement advantages, to provide users with "super value, low price" goods.

Kang investment (Da Runfa) chairman of the board, the flying cow network chief executive director Huang Mingduan talks about off the cattle Network admitted that indeed involved in the field of electricity providers is relatively late, the most important reason is that Darunfa line retail stores are growing quickly, is very easy to make money, but cannot read until the business mode, so never want to do business.

Huang Mingduan contact electricity supplier has been 2-3 years, in 2011 he had with Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong, and Jingdong investors, senior capital Zhang Lei had communication. "To tell the truth, at that time I do not understand the electricity supplier, but also saw a loss of 1 billion 700 million yuan Jingdong so much, I feel very scary."."

then a lot of people ask RT Mart why not do electricity supplier, Huang Mingduan will ask, "will you make money?"". In addition to the electricity supplier model is not good, how to pay, how to solve the logistics and distribution problems, in Huang Mingduan’s mind is a big question mark.

But with the popularization of

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