Taobao mall again track development businesses how to recruit more Amoy

, "10.10"," the Taobao mall was a scene of uproar, and it was gradually calmed down by some concessions from both sides. This event has also made many people realize the tremendous development space and market situation of the mall. For a long time, in order to better promote their products, many businesses have joined Taobao recruit guest team, I hope more people join the promotion of their products, in order to gain more orders.

in the A5 forum has just organized a bustling Amoy promotion contest, in the form of the game to attract more attention, but also to recruit more amoy. This article from the business promotion and guest’s point of view, analysis of how businesses find more guest, self realization of the brand promotion and exhibition, the most important is to improve the orders.

1 through activities to increase brand exposure, improve brand market recognition.

we see many enterprises advertise through CCTV platform, because CCTV media audience is big, advertising information is easy for more people to see. An advertising broadcast can not bring how many purchases at once, but it deepens the user’s impression of the brand and increases its market acceptance. Two products are not used, we will choose to look at each other’s advertising brand. That’s the effect of advertising. With the production process to improve, more and more brands into people’s lives, but the new brand takes a long time, so for businesses, through advertising, activities, increase their brand exposure rate, thereby enhancing the brand’s market acceptance. If a brand recognized by the market better, the guest will be more likely to choose this brand promotion.

A5 forum August zern Amoy promotion contest as an example, not seen before in this game, I don’t know "zern" this brand, but do not know the quality of its products. Through this contest continues, as well as many guest feedback, let me on the brand impression gradually deepened, also have an intuitive understanding of the product quality. In the future when buying leather shoes, you may choose this "listen to count" brand. The A5 guest promotion contest, we don’t know exactly how much to promote competition by adding guest, but activities, let more people know the "zern" brand; through activities, training users to zern product impression, this is an excellent opportunity to show the brand.

2 official website page exquisite design, website customer service professional

web page design directly shows the brand image, the appearance of a brand website will give users the impression of brand definition. Often seen in the news reports, many Internet users to allow some brands of fake official website cheated, because these fake official website in the design than even the real official website is also meticulous, no wonder users fooled. This shows that page design is critical for users, especially for branded products. Only to give users a good brand impression, will be assured to buy. In addition, the website customer service must be professional, such as

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