Why did this public number get the original function My self media thinking

today, the public has received the comment feature invited by WeChat. As a WeChat operator, the mood is understandable. In fact, we got the original function last month. We just didn’t have time to write something. I didn’t expect to get the comment today. Thanks to the approval of WeChat, write something about the media today. The first half is about writing about WeChat’s original features, and the latter is about writing new media marketing.


we all know that the public number of original features and the comment function still belongs to the beta stage, only WeChat invited to open (except celebrity coffee), need is to publish original articles, but also for at least a year ago, there is no time. However, many public numbers have been created for one year or two years, and many original articles have also been received and have not received the invitation. The power forward chatted with a number of people who were invited during the same period, and found the following:

1. public code operation and maintenance, the content of high quality.

we operate accounts, articles published time is more regular, and the content of the release is relatively high quality.

2., WeChat main push original, part of the original number will also get the original function.

WeChat original function to invite the original mainly, now part of the hundred percent original account also get original function, visible WeChat advocate push original function, WeChat original era has arrived. In July 24th, WeChat officially released a public platform to support the original article, select reprint type. In the original statement of the article, you can choose whether the article is allowed to be reprinted or banned. Visible, in vigorously promote original accounts, so this period of time have many original account, also won the comment function.


3. public fan interaction frequency is high

I guess this may be one of the criteria for stealth evaluation, whether the content of the account is good, in addition to reading quantity, the most able to assess the quality of the account is the interaction of fans.

micro push to set the keyword automatic reply, every day in the background to respond to hundreds of interactive people. Of course, should not assess the number of interaction, but to see the ratio of interaction, or those hundreds of thousands of powder, large interactive thousands of that original. Study, we send more than 3 times per person, that is to say, each interaction has 3 interactions (weekend reading is low, exception)


above is about the public number of the original function of some research, the following I write about the new media marketing some views.

how to do free marketing in the mobile Internet era?

in the era of mobile Internet, new media has become ">."

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