Sina housewarming a meager domain fashion brand strategy


listed in 11th anniversary on the occasion of the upcoming Sina launched a special small new domain name, Sina officially opened small independent domain name, and replace the new synchronization symbol, of course, whether the use of a new domain name or the old domain name can log on sina is meager, compared to the new domain name and other existing portal meager domain name, one of the most independent the domain name, It’s very convenient to remember and spread.


domain name change, everyone said: once a baker, a wave called a brand of bread, bread, steaming is a easy bread, suddenly one day, waves of bread were renamed, several other brands of instant petrochemical, he changed his name to bread bread… Sina today. Use Weibo as network access, the number of millet hundreds of investment, for some small companies which looked envious. In this way, Sina should be the most willing to spend money on domain names in these large companies. Perhaps other domestic companies are paying more attention to the domain name.

, as we all know, Alibaba acquired at a higher price in the early days of its own business. That Ma Yun is still very eye. 10 years have just arrived, the rice industry on the frequent burst: Alibaba crazy acquisition domain name. Why use crazy, should be at such speed, this writing is really crazy. This may be able to reflect the Alibaba CEO Ma this person’s special bar.

really, a good domain name can affect the development of an enterprise, planning, promotion and the establishment and maintenance of network brand image. Play happy nets know and lawsuit, net friend must have been to This is just a domain name difference, just a 001 difference. We enter and in the IE address bar, and the interface is pretty much the same. But there is so much difference between us that it is a world of difference. Good domain name relative to good brand, good brand must have at least one good spelling domain name, this is the brand operation of Chinese internet.

visible, a good domain name for an enterprise is how important, especially now, slightly better three characters within the domain name is almost registered, it can be described as hard to find a good domain name. We must choose the domain name, but how can we select a new and unique domain name? Here’s a few simple to share with you.

, a simple, easy to remember, the principle of


all of the good domain name not only allows visitors to leave a deep impression, to improve the company’s visibility, increase traffic has a very important role, such as the Sina website ( is very simple, image, only visitors look basically can remember, such as "Baidu" (baidu.>

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