Zhong Yu Forum promotion methods and practical experience

BBS promotion in many personal website or small website website promotion is more common, how to bring more traffic in the shortest possible time, is the BBS promotion effect reflects:

below, and share my experience in BBS promotion:

1, election forum


A. selected forums are best relevant to what we want to promote. (match the promotional content)

The popularity and flow of the selected forums in

B. are high.

C. selected forum more easily registered vest, and links the limitations of less (some time, some need to have less integral can be issued if the requirements are too good, so spend more time, but the effect is not ideal, such a forum moderator if once the title, you loss.).

2, registered vest

registered account, it is best not to include: advertising, vests, etc., so that the moderator to see the offensive words. The best in Chinese, Chinese + other characters, first let the moderator will not, because only see your ID, there is want to delete your post impulse.

3, read the print area rules


many forums have a version of the district rules, in the post, the title has a fixed format, which is not in accordance with the format, there is the risk of being deleted posts.

4, content selection

promotion content must be relatively new, relatively hot. For example, some recent content: Xiao Shenyang, CCTV, new site fire,

can go to: http://s.top.baidu.com/ http://s.www.google.cn/rebang/home

, look at what you’ve been focusing on recently, or what’s happening recently. It’s important for you to make choices about what you’re going to do.

5, Jingbian Title

title is the first impression of a netizen who sees a post. If you want more people to read the posts you sent, your title must be conspicuous and exciting.

conspicuous: in the version area rules, you can add some special symbols in the title, so that your title is prominent in the post list. Since it is very prominent, the content and promotion links editor should pay more attention to, know "gun hit bird" meaning of this proverb.

Madden: the content of the choice must be new, fast, attract users click. According to the content analysis, which people will come to see, and then according to these people some habits to edit the title of the post.

6, content related,

, your promotional links and titles must be related to what you’re sending out, though it’s for promotion, and the main purpose is >

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