Web designers must read web company web site production process

    many have master web design work in the company’s network experience, there may have been a lot of complaints, think the network company money less to live more. That’s true, but there’s no denying that Internet companies are really a good place to exercise and train people. Because of this, many people also choose to enter the network company to hand, learn skills, the stubborn girl for the entire share network flow production company website.

number one is the receipt.

this is the business scope of work that the company clerk to the business website about hand, fill in the work list, and as a web designer for this job must be very familiar with, because the work order record company customer contact, introduction, customer demand, website construction and so on the intention of the needs, so this the single is a web designer must carefully watch several times before the construction site.

second, that is, holding a project launching meeting.

everyone knows that QQ communication is not emotional, so in the network company, whether it is for customers or colleagues, can face to face or telephone communication, as far as possible do not communicate with QQ. Therefore, each project will start for business and web designers and application developers have all the staff on this project to participate in the discussion, to talk about the project demand, production, attention, customer intention and so on, so that all people can understand this project, especially for the designer and program development. A lot of small companies, this link is missing, as a professional web designer, you should start from the beginning of the standard process, which will have a great benefit to your web design career.

third, web designer and customer initial communication.

is due to the project before the start of business and customer contact, when after the start of the project will finish the discussion, when there is a general understanding then you can begin communicating with clients of the project, and making the work of the project. To interview or telephone calls when the first and customer contact, do not communicate with the QQ, or that sentence, QQ communication is no emotion, as politeness norms of the network, the initial interview or telephone must not be omitted.

then what will you say to the customer for the first time,


first, is self introduction, such as "Hello, manager Wang, I am XXX company design staff XX, now this XX project."……".

is second, and the customer further talk about the needs of the project and project proposals, although the project will start on the web designers already know about the project, but in order to get more useful information from the customer, and you as a professional designers which have good ideas and advice to customers, these things are is the need to design personnel and customers into.

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