ntroduction to how to write a good website

just chat with a net friend, said the website introduces how to write essays, usually write other things well, but when you write your own website but do not know how to write! See a few friends website found almost didn’t write this site, some simply put the description to write up, ask them, they don’t know how to do this website said, it seems that many owners did not dare to write a website! Seriously study about four major portals and A5, to see if they are introduced this website, I made a summary and we learn together:


site location, " is written about us ";" a certain website "" company introduction "! Followed by the introduction of the establishment of the website, the creator, to clear the place of establishment, such as the A5 station network is established in June 26, 2006, founded by graph king in Xuzhou, of course, add some modification of adjectives! So the reader on the website of the history will have a general understanding, also produced a trust! Re introduced the websites of objectives, you have to understand what you what is the purpose of the construction site, with" soft Wen ah "as an example, the purpose is to apply what they have learned by reading the network business purpose of soft" not just reading appreciate more is to learn from! Then write website product or service, it should pay special attention to them, not to talk and write, so the reader can You can know what to write about the last harvest from this website! Website event or honor, for the webmaster, your PR is 6 ALEX, the top 10 thousand, won the prize or what reputation in the circle can not write up! Of course you have to contact with you, your QQ number your email, your phone, your address, don’t forget to write up your web site is


it seems simple but is very simple, it requires not only the owners to use concise delicate language to describe their own website, more is the webmaster to sort out their site thinking! Because confused, many owners are reluctant to write, website change, positioning is not clear, including my own! The webmaster, stop the busy work, write a website, a few days to change to a good website! Your site positioning ideas, make future station more clearly by http://s.www.ruanwena.com/ and


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