Entrepreneurial pain and fast honey bud stand in the air on the two years


venture is confused pain, comfortable work process cycle proud. But the most difficult thing, the most proud of the time, can take the initiative out of the comfort zone.



| Zhu Xiaopei

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in the most difficult times, I have cursed and Keyi (Xianfeng Huaxing founder Chen Keyi) two bastard puts you on business." True grid fund founder Xu Xiaoping had half jokingly asked honey bud founder Liu Nan.

Liu Nan venture, can not be separated from the instigation of Xu Xiaoping. In 2013, someone wanted to buy Liu Nan’s four Taobao store at a "big price". Sell or not sell Liu Nan very hesitant, thought of the young tutor Xu Xiaoping. She went to see Xu Xiaoping, do not know what will also speak, speak 2 hours how to sell diapers on Taobao.

Xu Xiaoping after listening to the special excitement, a strong effort to persuade her venture: do not sell, I give you money.

heard the venture, Liu Nan hesitated. Prior to this, her thoughts are placed on her daughter, every day will take pictures of her daughter, want to grow up with her. Whether the Taobao store opened or sold, she can live comfortably.

, however, entrepreneurship is quite another thing, not just to give up some of the family life so simple. However, Xu Xiaoping look for Liu Nan, 5 months of nonstop texting, email to persuade her. By September, Liu Nan think almost, entrepreneurship is confused — hard – pain process proud comfortable. But the most difficult thing is, in the most proud of the time, can take the initiative out of the comfort zone.

Taobao’s Day is coming to an end, and Liu Nan is ready for the next phase. Xu Xiaoping heard the news, she said excitedly to the email, you will not believe in life after mediocrity".

Xu Xiaoping gave Liu Nan 1 million yuan bridge loan, and introduced the Chen Keyi. In November 2013, honey bud got 8 million yuan A round of investment real fund and Xianfeng huaxing. So, real and Xianfeng investment list more than a $one billion valuation of the unicorn company, Liu Nan is the founder and CEO.

September 2015, honey bud announced the completion of $150 million D round of financing, lead investor Sequoia, Baidu, H capital with the cast. In order to confirm the amount of money without water, Liu Nan also announced a bank account screenshot. Honey bud CFO Sun Wei said, by the end of June 2016, honey bud monthly turnover has exceeded 400 million yuan, while in 2014 the honey bud a year of turnover was 350 million yuan.

"but to tell the truth, if you know the venture so hard, may not really take the money." Liu Nan said. This is also a lot of entrepreneurs will send a sigh. However, more difficult, also can only adhere to teeth, because it was "human drama".