Men Socks vertical electric providers are in a downturn selling socks with what stiff



before I interviewed men socks, for it had the impression, often see the original web log technology expert Ruan Yifeng, for a period of time to see the man socks advertising, its slogan was "like the book magazine for socks, at the time that the pattern is novel. Never thought about it, and later interviewed its founder, Chen Bole.

men’s socks, a Wuhan based vertical supplier of men’s socks, buys socks in advance. Its founder Chen Bole had been a program ape, why think of socks sold online, it has to do the same and cotton socks housekeeper socks socks business, why only men in this niche in the field of


small socks business, by

Chen Bole says men’s socks are his second venture, and his first venture in 2008 is his own creative gift. The first venture failed, but he realized his great help, select the category in question, gifts are not people just need, at the same time, the two re purchase rate is relatively low, therefore facing the double pressure of purchase and inventory.

in 2010, the second pioneering, he chose socks, and at the same time, the crowd was positioned as IT male or otaku, he also said his choice of socks and positioning of the crowd logic:

first, just needed. Socks are just the target population, and many IT men or otaku do not have the time or the willingness to deal with the trivia of these lives. He said he had the right to speak. It was the crowd.


has a high rate of second, second repo. Socks themselves are consumables, who do not wear a few pairs a year (men socks currently re purchase rate of up to 50%, compared with Taobao’s 10%, also confirms this point.


third, price insensitive. Target groups are less sensitive to price, let alone socks.

fourth, weak brand. Category if the brand is obvious, the profit margins are too small, but also not conducive to the establishment of their own brands.

Chen Bole said that this year is the fourth year of the establishment of man socks, now from the original single-handed became one of the 5 "small Gang", a single daily one hundred or two hundred, still belongs to one of the smaller startups.

is a small company, Chen Bole introduced the 5 "small groups" is still very clear division of labor, he is in the duct, from CEO to all responsible for logistics, and bear the arduous task of foreign fudge, the other four are 90, respectively in charge of the operation, customer service, delivery, new media, their operations girl, take a flower called "man Mei" responsible for all customer service service buyers. (the daily express one hundred or two hundred small flowers is not a sharp knife hand!)

Chen Bole introduction, socks gross profit of about 30%, remove operation >

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