ndustry update vacancy compensation is the trend of the development of small and medium sized websi

industry update vacancies to make up for the current stage of small and medium-sized Web site development trend

we all know, now small and medium-sized company website, industry website how to do it, and now the mainstream trend, is the site involved in the industry segments. Because comprehensive web site has been Sina and other Tencent, Sohu, NetEase, a large portal occupied market, so for our small and medium-sized webmaster, is to discover very mature segments of a local industry has not developed on the internet.

everyone has their own direction and their own unique ideas, and I would like to introduce here is the direction of the site has been confused for some of the webmaster recommendations. Because there are still a lot of market gaps in the current market segments. So how do you find such market openings,


first of all, the site to do products, in addition to those SEO master, for ordinary webmaster how to do it? I’m here to say something about the company’s product promotion website platform basic production method.


for example, if it is to do the tea website, we can first search related sites in Baidu, found in front of the row is updated every day in the quality of a very good website, then we come to a subdivision, if we do health tea, health tea, when we search the relevant information can be found. In front of a few sites have pages, also have a home, we should all look into the points can be found in front of the site updated daily information is not much, even there are many websites only through SEO or chain accumulation to row to the front, but the website news can be said to be a few months no update. Well, now it’s easy to say that keywords are relatively easy to do.


we all know, the content on the site is greater than the absolute importance of the chain importance, since the content of the website row in front of the Baidu do not, at least well after the update after a period of time is almost never how many updates, this website does not have lasting in the front row the potential. So long as we do this type of website, every day to keep the quality and quantity of false original article update, add the appropriate chain, as long as there is no special reason for what, a month is very easy to get to the Baidu home page, or even the first.

each industry is the same, screening good keywords, confirm the corresponding keywords, search after the first page of Baidu web site is updated low frequency, this is the current product competition of the biggest vacant advantage. To do station group of stationmaster, it is to be able to do more handy.

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