tbulu analysis of website navigation website profit channels

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on site navigation station profit channels is relatively silent strange, always think that the success of hao123 is only occasional case, with the continuous replication, repeat, we can search for some site navigation station can see do hot. Analysis and comparison of other friends online article, realized a lot of site navigation station profit channels. My personal website navigation (itbulu.com.cn) test version is also on-line, the actual operation to see whether it can bring some results.

first, search for affiliate ads. Site navigation site top screen can be seen at the top of Google, Baidu search box. Adsense can apply to join the advertising League, and then embedded in the search box code, Baidu search revenue should be accounted for most. But from the year 3.1 onwards, only when you search for the promotion of cooperation. The cooperation on billing code will be charging, if you put the code in non billing addresses, the system will not record the click, you will not gain. From here you can see that Baidu’s payment in search consortium is higher and needs to be restricted. If you can apply to the search union billing website, this will be a good profit channel for your site navigation station.

next, enter the web site. This requires your site, the station has a certain flow and weight (PR). The link position of the home page will be profit channel. Navigation station initial entry site, mostly under the banner of free included, until there is a certain weight and flow, included in the site will charge.

, third, CPA and other allied product sales. Some dating sites, members of the register, the proportion of sales commission.

fourth, traffic monthly advertising. What we see most should be game, lottery, medicine, venereal disease and so on monthly advertisement.

site navigation station still has many ways out, with the "chicken eggs" strategy, we can make a series of navigation station, station group marketing (generally have navigation station webmaster more than one website). Finally, make an advertisement, personal website navigation (itbulu.com.cn) open, included personal website.

article from: ItBuLu’s Blog detailed reference: http://s.www.itbulu.com/blog/360.html

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