A brief discussion on the six months along the way of Nanning Talent Network

in the twinkling of an eye, came to the end of 2009, Nanning talent network will also be passed through the unusual 2009. Review of the difficult process of more than half a year, can be used to describe the "striking one snag after another.".

Nanning talent network domain name was born, is Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake 1st anniversary anniversary, is really a coincidence, because the corn was found in the excitement, then registered the domain name after the discovery of this day is Sichuan 1st anniversary anniversary of Wenchuan earthquake. After the corn was registered, I started building the site. Because can not afford to program independent development spending, so I chose to buy talent network program on the Internet, in the choice of shopping website program, taobao.com, join the webmaster group, turn source forum and so on, the cost of twists and turns, still did not find a suitable program, is to cost $500 to join a a talent network alliance, the start of the Nanning talent network station webmaster. In the operation of the substation for three months, I finally experience the substation operation to bring their own inconvenience, delay, customer service program to modify the service, so I finally lost the confidence of the alliance, to give up halfway operation station.

at this time, I found a good talent network program, and the sale of the person of this program (hereinafter referred to as A) is also very friendly, but also to ensure that can provide perfect technical service, after some contact, I decided to choose the A talent network program. After a period of time, I put into the two development of the program, but also to the content of the web design and art of the overall planning, Nanning talent network finally in August 3, 2009 formally launched test run. Site running for about two months, the problem began to appear gradually, I find the A solution and give timely treatment, the beginning is pretty good, very enthusiastic to help me, but slowly, A service began to decline, finally simply take out or other reasons to shirk past. In desperation, I continued to look for new procedures for revision, and finally again in November with a new style of on-line.

in the half year period, I pay great attention to the impact site update and revision of the website which, at the same time strengthen the website optimization, make the site PR to stability promotion, when the first update is August, up from the previous PR=0 to PR=2, to the second update (end of October), I PR has again been goodimprovement up to now PR=4.

now, I am still strengthening to optimize the overall website, including page layout, art design, content and promotion, for the website PR do more to improve faster in time, in order to pave the way for future development of the website. I believe in 2010, Nanning talent network [www.RC0771.com] will be more beautiful.

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