Hot comment webmaster why embarrassed webmaster

from 5.1 to establish my, to arrive today for a whole week, although only a short 7 days, but the sweet and sour is one to taste.

novice webmaster always full of infinite hope for the future, I am no exception, from the station before I started to pay attention to Admin5 above many webmaster published some experience and personal insights, which will undoubtedly help me a lot, so I immediately on the site after the establishment, in accordance with the prior study and understand the start the first is to do Links and other sites, in the ring, I need to explain that I was a new station, will not have what natural ranking and PR value of such data, but when I was with a lot of pr=2 or higher website for Links, whether pr=2 or pr=4 do not have any station I request to add links, and visit my website, some also gives me some valuable suggestions and comments, I think they are more motivated by a passion and A new encouragement and help, after all, we are from the new beginning, I thank them for my selfless help, so I will not explain the 11, we go to my site to see Links will know and remember them.

then I began to promote, but also learn from ADMIN5, said that in the Baidu know and Post Bar post effect is good, so he did, but the results are surprising, the fact is not so beautiful, is the first in Post Bar post, said the plan of advertising is not good, I try to find some related themes, then Post Bar wrote on his website link out, thought this effect should be good, but after a while a look, just post not to check the original complaint, Post Bar report deleted, see complaints my people and I like to advertising webmaster, Baidu know too, I try to reply to some of you know, never advertised everywhere, but there are still people reported, without exception is to make propaganda station A long report, I just don’t understand, your hand Luantie advertising, publicity can not stand to see others, not all of them have been kidnapped, we are all ordinary owners, in order to their ideals, why not a little more understanding and tolerance, not to get the fight at outrance.

no way, although there are many emotion and feelings, but I will continue to go down, just for the sake of their own ideals and those who have given me encouragement and help webmasters, finally want to still do all the webmaster to say that we are not easy, why embarrass

webmaster webmaster!

editor’s note: according to the webmaster direct unity, there have been many Admin5 Adsense online discussion, generally speaking, as long as you in the proper way, content of formal, will not be wronged, such as man, webmaster to team, webmaster will do it, I hope you can continue to insist, stationmaster net bless your site do better!

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