Analysis under the genuine trend personal movie site should go from here

I as an Internet enthusiasts, although not directly on the Internet to make money to eat, but also their own interests, so often go to Internet sites such as Ai Rui, A5, and other famous tiger sniffing to see the latest information and share experiences. Just a week ago, Youku potatoes group company and association jointly issued the "United Chinese network video anti piracy declaration", said the joint fight against Baidu, Nora and other serious online video piracy and hotlinking behavior. This makes me think of my own hand and a personal website how to do, if the company is really the real thing to fight against piracy, we these by reference to other site resources site how to do, so I had been in the past few days on this issue.

in fact, to say the truth, the vast majority of the real world did not engage in the production and release of genuine video, so for most people, piracy is also a good thing. Because it is because of piracy, we can go to the free video website to see their love video, without the need to go directly to pay, I think we all love our special of this kind of software, because when the film was released in theaters may not have it already provides the latest movie, love for early adopters who said Why not?. The reason why people like piracy, habits, and the spread of piracy, is a long-standing habit, for example, personal software, rarely buy genuine software, this is an indisputable fact. But we can also think, if you don’t know how many day and night after struggle out of something, wanted to use it for something, or spiritual or material; but if this time someone put your things to get rid of and say is his, your job this time our own cast to waste. Would you think. Therefore, I think the copyright age is a trend, in fact, people in foreign countries have formed a good habit, but in our country need to slowly cultivate.

in the face of this trend, my heart is contradictory. Indeed, as far as I am at this point of view the video site is certainly not the arrival of the era of genuine hope; and from my personal point of view but some hope of genuine arrival, for example, I often write some software, others will be cracked arbitrary communication, but only by my strength can not through legal means to protect their own the rights of. I am here to use the management of SWOT analysis model commonly used to analyze, in such a trend, the personal movie site should go from here?. SWOT analysis model, I estimate that many people do not know what is, in fact, SWOT is Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat acronym, that is, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. This model is especially suitable for enterprise strategy analysis, so it is the classic tool model in management.

advantage. In fact, personal movies, websites and other video sites have many advantages, such as we do not need any input, and do not need too much to make products, especially in the past, especially before we do movie site base >

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