How does the user actually use the site

I do website of several years of research, but also love website behaviors of users for some research, through the investigation of a large number of users found a shocking fact, from our point of view is that users to use the network, but in fact, the gap is huge.

When we create a

site, we usually think users will stare at all the pages we see, read each paragraph we carefully prepared carefully, feel our carefully designed layout, but the fact is always cruel, we think " elaborate writing " it appears to the user, can be said to be blind or is the basic look, maybe the designers feel sad, but can not deny that this is true. We look at the following two:



, maybe we say this is a special case, but since I have investigated so many users, it seems like a fact that.

accounts for more than 80% of the users, but it’s a fact

this means that we should think in the design of the web page should not be a very concentrated user, but should shift its focus to the web design 80% users, because the real situation which represents the user using WEB. So if you want to design effective ", we must three you may usually can not accept the fact that these three facts will guide you to the right direction of" design of the road, I will talk about in the next article, please pay attention to.

source: Guangxi Wu SEO training


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