His mad people suffocated Lei entrepreneurship to achieve the ultimate

Lei Jun venture quotations

– do anything to the flow, do not insist, do not act recklessly. Shun, naturally became.

– commercial success is the most important, make a lot of friends, made a few enemies.

customer satisfaction is the fundamental. Focus on improving products and services to satisfy users.

– the dominant industry total old one day, but because of what they will, when it will decline, this is the business opportunity.

– innovation is to do things others have not done. But the risk of innovation is very large, the vast majority of innovation is ultimately failure. Therefore, I believe that the essence of innovation is the courage to fear failure!

– the early start, massive advertising easy to hit false prosperity, to cover some of the nature of the problem. Adhere to word of mouth, I believe that good products can speak!

– fast iterative, continuous trial and error, gradually to the other side of success. This is the age of the Internet.

– start to large, must find a typhoon let pigs fly overhead. Hard work, hard work and so on, these are just the necessary conditions for success, the most important thing is to do the right thing at the right time.

– "the competition is not fight at outrance but allow users to have a better experience." The user is the fundamental, we have to do the product, put your mind on products and users!

– the world of martial arts, but not fast breaking. Internet competition weapon is fast.

May 4th, "Chong passenger China · New Youth Action" project officially launched. In order to encourage and guide the youth entrepreneurship, the event invited millet technology founder, chairman and CEO Lei Jun as chairman of the mentor group members. Double identity also has 40 year old angel investors and entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs Lei know more difficult, he said, entrepreneurs must be to achieve the ultimate product to achieve the ultimate means to drive yourself crazy, the others suffocated.

talk about entrepreneurial environment

is now ten thousand times better than it was 20 years ago

I believe that people are great because of their dreams, as long as I have a dream, I have no regret.

Lei Jun founded a three color company during the University, began his entrepreneurial career. After graduation, Qiu Baijun joined the Jinshan, Jinshan sixth employees. Looking back, Lei Jun said: I think today’s entrepreneurial environment is better than 20 years ago, we have more than one hundred times, there may be more than ten thousand times. At that time, no one to give you money, financing is very difficult."

started 40 years old again, Lei Jun millet company founded. Lei Jun said: we believe that the Internet industry, 40 years old, it should be retired. But I checked it out, Liu Chuanzhi is 40 years old, and Ren Zhengfei is at the age of 43, I think I’m not too big to start at the age of 40