Determine the direction and feasibility analysis of website profit model

webmaster in the operation of the initial stage of the website, choose what kind of profit model is more important problem, the following will be from several levels to explore this everyone more concerned about the topic.

first, location of the website,

site positioning is very important, not only to consider the needs of users, but also to consider what we can bring to the user, traffic, or popularity, can still expand the enterprise brand effect etc.. To meet the needs of the designated population, or to meet the needs of the majority of the population?.


website to make a profit, it must have the audience base clear, if there is no audience base clear, so the website traffic is no garbage flows of any use, if we can not determine what people come to visit our website, so the website content will be out of order, this website is not only a huge workload, and loyal the site’s users are difficult to upgrade.

sites we must first determine what is our goal for visitors, like the traditional product marketing, we must first determine the market, such as what is the location of your website? This one can not lock clear user groups, and then to analyze why visitors come to your website, why users don’t go to other sites, what the user needs is what information or service, these are to be carefully thought as the head of the US problem.

second, according to the user needs to locate the site function,

what are the actual requirements that our website can provide to its users? Is it essential for our website to be unique to the users, or is it essential?. If an individual user, so we site to meet the needs of individual users what, if is the enterprise user, we can bring what benefits for the enterprise, whether the business benefits can be adequate to the enterprise user fees, if can charge, it is necessary to analyze what form to collect fees, but also to the website can last the main user viscosity.

modern communication theory tells us that in general, only one transmission is not enough to make the user produce too much impression. We all have this experience. When we watch TV or movies, we always look at the ads above for a few times, then we can make a mental impression. The next thing to do is to make sure that the information you send is accepted by the user, and if not, then I’m afraid the site will be closed soon. Buy products in online friends have such experience, not on the first landing to purchase the product, but more convenient to observe and ask whether the website trust, through observation, then in the purchase. That’s the question of trust. Think about it. No user will ever trust a place full of false content and have real products or services.

third, determine the model after the feasibility analysis,

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