From Ma to do part time work to see the success of entrepreneurship accumulation of the key


Ma Yun, a lecturer in International Business English and in the electronic industry, in order to contribute to the family, go outside at night as a part-time teacher. Some are doing foreign trade business owners, these bosses are admired Ma Yun, regard Ma Yun as a friend, which accumulated a wide range of contacts on the entrepreneurial Ma Yun.

1995, Ma Yun founded China’s first Internet Co, China yellow pages, when people do not understand what the Internet is, Ma Yun’s Internet concept completely do not believe that he is a liar. Ma Yun in order to develop the company’s business, first of all began to call friends around, want them to do web site. A lot of friends on the site it is half believe and half doubt, but in order to give Ma face, I also will do a few, but the beginning is basically free to do, after all, good friends can not put money into the water to throw. There is a friend, the enterprise is the most to face, and at any rate also symbolic to 6000 yuan. This is the first income of Chinese Yellow pages.

, the first official paid customer in China’s yellow pages, was also Ma Yun’s friend, the boss of Lakeview Hotel, the four star hotel in Hangzhou. The boss did not believe the site, but also to Ma Yun face, signed the Ma Yun’s single, the amount is 20000 yuan.

entrepreneurial road, we need friends to help, in this "entrepreneurship, change destiny" concept prevailed in the era, we all should have the entrepreneurial consciousness and ideas. Although you are still working to other companies, to think, after a difficult start, first we must need the help of friends, therefore, in the life and the work we have to consciously make some friends.

some people think that making friends is about to pay rich people, because they have money, and they can provide more help for their own business. This is not reasonable. However, if you only focus on the rich, not the rich, and gradually, in the character, it will naturally form a snobbish factor.

friends should not be divided into various grades and ranks, what kind of friends are able to make, because what kind of friends may be in your future business on the road to pull you up.

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