Besides O2O Theory and practice of six dimension space

[editor’s note] the author of this article, @ Zhongguancun Lao Li, published an article in Lei Feng net before, "O2O on mobile phone" and "personalized business recommendation with mobile phone". Because there are still many readers are very concerned about the O2O market, so the author wrote this article as "O2O" on the mobile phone of the view the text, more thorough discussion on O2O using six dimensional theory.

one, socialization

I often think about a question. Why are so many good O2O applications and businesses successful abroad, but it’s difficult to survive in the country,


intelligent mobile phone GPS function in order to bring us more information than the location of PC, can bring more convenience to the people, why LBS didn’t get good popularity? But a flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum



Figure 1, location based group navigation

1. information

many people think that the level of information construction at home and abroad is different, but in fact it is not. The Internet has brought us closer to the world. Foreign restaurant owners are not necessarily Internet users, and their understanding of computers is unlikely to be any better than that of domestic bosses. If they are not for work, not for business, they may not be willing to touch these "black boxes"". You don’t want to try to teach them to you in college years of computer courses, they only need to know how to use it, there is no need to know the "black box" is "how to make".

information is not the biggest obstacle for today. It’s also a big deal. Technology is not a problem. The problem is the market. It’s a business model.

2. differences at home and abroad

since it is not the difference of information, then what is the difference? I take a friend to do the actual case to analyze the essence of the problem.

a friend made a reservation website abroad, to provide customers through the Internet reservation service, is a standard O2O service.

I have seen on their website, almost all of the cuisine is an authentic food portal! Have the world’s cuisine, different tastes; fast food, slow food can also be scheduled; ordering, seat.

if a customer orders on this website, the back of the site will send an instruction to the restaurant. The restaurant management personnel, will be the ordering information to the kitchen production, the production is completed, notify the logistics personnel take over meals, room service. In general, the logistics staff will determine when the meal will be taken according to the average production time of the restaurant.


reservation, it is more simple. >

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