A brief analysis of the common points of heavy snow in the sky and doing the road of standing

yesterday heard the weather forecast, said Wuxi will be the 3 consecutive days of snow this morning, wait outside the city opened the curtains, snow white. Suddenly I on the way to work, do stand three years experience to things like the snow weather, there is a pattern.

first, wear more, in order to keep out the cold, and solid foundation to develop. The weather in winter is natural needless to say, we are all living in the northern hemisphere Chinese, mostly temperate monsoon climate and subtropical monsoon climate, so in winter, there is always a bit trembling. So every time we go out, will be bundled up, this is the basis for the body itself. The site is the same, just on the line before the site wants to show to the public users, will enrich the contents of the site to do, do to meet the tastes of the public, is really beneficial to themselves, is the foundation of the real.

second, snow must slow down, do stand, pay attention to smooth. I believe that most people are in the snow fall experience it, dropped once knew to walk slow, slow to take the more steady, More haste, less speed. Similarly, doing stand is also smooth, is kingly way. Now the Internet is no longer just in the rise of the domestic situation, want to through the site overnight is almost impossible, most of them are about the station operations we do now, is to run long and sustained to the development of a process. The particularity of this process which we each do stand webmaster must be slow and steady, not anxious, a little achievement can not be pleased with oneself cannot give up failure, some disgruntled. Just like to do SEO, analysis, good implementation, monitoring, improvement, can become really good. When you really enjoy the harvest, turn around and you will find that you have really gone through a long, steady period of time.

third, snow, destination more clearly, not to go back, do station is also true, once recognized, it can not turn back, turn back is the shore. Heavy snow naturally we all do not want to go out more, but when we had to go out, we are headed for the destination, do not want to go wrong road. Similarly, the site also want to follow their own previous goals, all operations, planning, plan and activities are for web service, established a road direction, continue unswervingly implement it, the most taboo is deny oneself, deny their own expectations, is to deny all this time, back ashore, but will find many of the original at the same starting line of the website, you will have far behind. Therefore, the target plan is to do the station operation station premise, once determined, do not turn back.

every day a new new webmaster website was born the same day, there are many, many webmaster to give up the site closed down, I hope everybody can survive the cold winter, when the snow melts, it will give you an infinite vision of spring. Where is spring? Spring is in this heavy snow, not too cold in winter. I would like to stay with all the webmaster until spring comes

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